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Updated on: May 27th, 2021

Blackjack betting is relatively simple. In fact, in this guide, we will simplify how to bet in blackjack so much so that you will not need a blackjack betting chart. the standard bets in blackjack are the initial bet you place when the game begins. Hit and stay and not actual bets but actions or plays in a blackjack game. In addition to the standard bets, there are side bets such as an insurance wet and the surrender bets and a double down after split bet. There are more side bets that are available in other variations of blackjack such as 21 + 3 royal match, super sevens, over-under 13, Pair Square and lucky ladies.

if you would like to find out more about these blackjack bets then stick around as we explore each of them. additionally, we have a list of the best online blackjack sites where you can place a variety of these bets and win big.

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Blackjack Betting Rules

in blackjack there’s a pet that is made first we’re all players placed a chip on the table before getting the cards. it must be noted that although there may be multiple players on a blackjack table you are always playing against the dealer. So, your pair of depends on how your cards fare against the dealer’s cards not against the other players.

After the initial bet and getting your two cards you have more betting options. There are the splits and double down. And in addition to these, there are side bets such as their insurance surrender and more period bear in mind that not all tables have side bets make sure you are aware of what pets are available on the table you choose.

How to Bet in Blackjack

How to Bet in Blackjack

As I mentioned before you bet by placing chips on the table initially. After getting your two cards if you would like to split you indicate that by placing two pointed fingers on the table and another bet equal to the initial wager. The split is usually done when players get two cards of an equal value that have the potential to form strong hands. So, for instance, if you get a pair of cards ranging from 7 to 9 or a pair of aces. it’s weird to see players splitting tens or a pair of Queens because it’s possible to get an even weaker hand after splitting. the likelihood of getting a blackjack after splitting is not that high.

Doubling Down

To double down in blackjack is to place another wager equal to the initial wager and get an additional card. You cannot split a hand after doubling down and neither can you repeat the double down. Innocence after this play you can no longer make any other place and just have to wait for the dealer to reveal his hidden card. However, you can double down after splitting. You can either double down on one of the split hands-on or on both. Doubling down is indicated by placing more chips equal to the initial wage on the table along with one pointed finger. However, if you’re playing online, it’s simply a matter of clicking on the bet you want to place.


Splitting is technically not a bet but a playing move. When you split you separate the hand you have into two separate cards. Each card then gets a hit, that is new cards to form two separate hands. Each of those has an individual bet attached to it. That is why in a sense splitting is a bet. It’s almost like doubling down only that you get an extra pair made up by one of the cards you had originally. Whereas doubling down leaves you with three cards in total, splitting leaves you with 4 or more cards but always in pairs.

Blackjack Side Bets

Blackjack has a variety of side bets which make an already exciting game even more thrilling. Is actually a wonder that casinos would offer more side bets in a game that has pretty good odds? I guess that is why most land-based casinos do not offer many of the side bets. Popular side bets include the surrender rule or bet and the insurance bet.

Insurance bet

Insurance bets may be frowned upon; however, for newer inexperienced players taking insurance, although it may cut down meanings will protect you against loss on a single bet. There are more side is such as the royal match, super sevens, over-under-13s and more .

Surrender Bet

Surrender in blackjack is when a player decides to fold their hand before the game is over in order to get half their wager back. Often the surrender option is only availed at tables using a six to eight-deck shoe. The rules are only available on games with higher bet limits and more than a single deck.

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