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GTA (Grand Theft Auto) recently added an Online casino update to its popular game. The game which was first released in 1997 and quickly spread in popularity worldwide has ruffled feathers with its latest update. Some states in the USA have banned the update altogether along with over 50 other countries. The developers of GTA have long spoken of adding an online casino feature in its game. Only in the past week has it been implemented and many players worldwide have not been able to access the feature due to various laws against gambling online.

Find out what this means for US players who want to play the new GTA game with the Online Diamond casino update. Are there US states affected by this update? Find out as we delve more into the story. Additionally, we list some of the countries which have blocked the casino features from its citizens. Read on for more details

Grand Theft Auto Diamond Casino Features

If you are familiar with Grand Theft Auto, you know the game is about realistic role-play. Players navigate fictional cities with full feature neighborhoods as criminals and evade law enforcement. Sow when GTA spoke about adding an online casino update, it was pretty expected that the casino would function just as any true casino site would. In GTA players earn points by stealing cars robbing banks and other criminal activities. Through that they earn GTA money which they will use to gamble in the Online Diamond casino.


Which States in America have barred GTA Online Casino Update?


There are two American states which have already barred the GTA Online Diamond Casino feature. They are American Samoa and Hawaii, not surprisingly since all forms of gambling are illegal in these states. It is not clear yet whether more states will be affected. Players in Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Nevada will certainly be able to access the casino feature since online casinos are fully allowed by law in those states. So far there are more than 50 countries which have blocked the update amongst them.

Grand Theft Auto has garnered millions of fans worldwide who were all excited about the Diamond Casino feature which the developers had been promising for years. When the roll-out finally happened last week, it was met with heavy disappointment when some players realised they could not access the feature. Especially since there was no warning before handing players in the barred countries were met with an error message as they tried to access the GTA online Diamond Casino There are players who have been illegally using VPN to access the casino feature in barred areas. This is not advisable as there are ramifications for bending the law.

We will update all our readers on any other developments and more casino news on our blogs.