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Montana Residents are expected to lend their voices to a public hearing on the latest sports betting development in the state. Earlier this year sports betting was legalised in the Big Sky State. This has subsequently opened up the state to the possibility of online sports betting. What is definite at this point is that there will be locations around the state where residents will be able to place wagers.

It seems the state ore its legislators have been awaiting the legalization of betting on sports. The ball has already begun to roll on major plans for the different locales that will ghost sports gamblers. In other states, the sports betting arena hosts a number of independent operators bound by the laws of the state. Montana is doing things differently, find out how as we unpack the rest of this story.

Montana Sports Betting Public Hearing

How Sports Betting in Montana will be Regulated

The lawmakers in Montana have handed over control of the sports betting industry to the state lottery. This may be in an effort to make the newly introduced sports gambling safer for Montana residents. The state already has ambitious plans laid out for the Treasure State. For one of the smallest populations in the United States the planned ration betting location to people are quite high. The state plans to have one location for every 764 Montana residents. Basically, they may be about 1400 betting locations if everything goes as planned.

We haven’t heard any statements from any anti-gambling organisations. However, it is expected that they maybe a lot of opposition. We will follow this story for any other developments. Keep updated with our blogs for more on this and other gambling news.

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