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A casino gaming in developer Mass Gaming & Entertainment simply known as MG&E has lost out a bid to launch a casino licence in Massachusetts. The saying goes third time is a charm but not in the case of MG&E. The casino gaming developer has been trying to get a licence in Massachusetts for the past three years unsuccessfully. The first attempt was in 2016 and the next one was in 2018 and finally this year. There has been a variety of reasons given by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) for denying MG&E’s licence. Will the casino gaming developer try again to get a licence in Massachusetts all this be the last time? What were the Massachusetts Gaming Commission reasons for denying the licence? Follow along as we unpack why the licence may have been denied to the gaming developer.

Why Massachusetts Gaming Commission Denied MG&E Licence

When Mass Gaming & Entertainment first tried for the licence , the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) told them that the market was already too saturated. Their licence was denied on the grounds that the market was already crowded. However, MG&E did not lose faith and they tried again in 2018. Neil Bluhm, Chairman of Mass Gaming & Entertainment again lead a mission to get the Massachusetts Gaming Commission to reverse its decision. However, it seems MG&E’s timing was very poor. At that time the MGC was busy with MGM Springfield launch. Neil Bluhm did not give up he again approached the commission to convince them to reconvene and reconsider their earlier decision to deny MG&E the casino licence. The MGC panel did reconvene however the results is not what Mass Gaming & Entertainment hoped for.

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When asked why the Massachusetts gaming commission did not reverse its decision is simply stated that the power is not in their hands to reverse any decision that have already been made. Apparently once a decision is made it is final.

It seems that Mass Gaming and Entertainment will not be returning again to Massachusetts to try again for the casino licence. The statement made by MG&E’s chairman  Neil Bluhm after the statement made by MGC was of a very disappointed man. He bemoaned the millions that they spent in laying the groundwork for the casino in Brockton Massachusetts. He expressed his disappointment at all that hard work and money that had gone down the drain. Will Massachusetts be getting another casino very soon? We don’t know yet but stay tuned to our blogs and will keep you updated on all these and more casino stories.

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