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Updated on: March 24th, 2022

Mega Millions is one of the biggest lottery games in the USA. In fact, this USA lottery game is multi-jurisdictional meaning it is in multiple States. In total there are 48 states that participate in the Mega Millions lottery. Due to how wide it spans the Mega Millions jackpot is one of the two biggest lottery prizes you will ever get in America. The other major jackpot lottery prize is from Powerball which is also a multi-jurisdictional game.

Playing the lottery has given millions of Americans the chance to win life-changing prizes for very little. In fact, the Mega Millions has given players that opportunity on an even bigger scale. Tickets start from $2 each but offer hundreds upon hundreds of millions in potential wins. A handful of states allow players to buy online lottery tickets. However, most of them will require you to go to an authorised lottery retailer to physically purchase a ticket. If you enjoy lottery games but want to play them online, you’re in luck. You can sign up at the online casinos we have listed below which carry a wide variety of online lottery games.

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What is the Mega Millions Jackpot?

The Mega Millions was established in 1996 and was originally known as The Big Game. It is definitely a big game which at one point gave out a jackpot of a staggering unbelievable $1.537 billion dollars! In 2002 the name was changed only for a short while to The Big Game Mega Millions. Initially, this staggering life-changing game was only available to six States period fortunately over the years that number has grown to over 45.

Even the Mega Millions logo represents its once exclusive beginnings. It is a golden coloured ball with six stars each representing the original six states that participated in the mega lottery.

Mega Millions Lottery Jackpot

Check Mega Millions Results

If you’re an avid player of the lottery you are obviously interested in when the drawers happen. Because the Mega Millions game is multi-jurisdictional draw days are universal across the United States. Mega Millions draw happen each Tuesday and Friday night at 11 p.m. Eastern time without fail even on holidays.

Mega Millions Payout

The Mega Millions payout varies with each week. When there is no winner, the jackpot rolls over into an even larger prize. Although the probability of winning a couple of hundred millions, is not that high there are ways to get the best payout for Mega Millions. One way is by using their megaplier.

A megaplier is an additional feature on the standard Mega Millions take it that you get when you add an extra dollar to your ticket purchase. When you have the megaplier on your ticket your non-jackpot prize is multiplied by the value of the megaplier. The value of the megaplier is also randomly drawn on Tuesday and Friday nights just before the main draw. For the Megaplier draw there are 15 balls marked with different possible multipliers from2X up to 5X. Five 2X balls, six 3X multiplier balls, three with the 4X and only one with the 5X multiplier.

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