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Lori Lightfoot is eager to get Chicago gambling. The mayor of Chicago is desperate to kids a casino up and running in the window City windy City. The city is desperate for some new revenue-generating States facilities. The recent gambling expansion bill in the state of Illinois seems the most logical and easy path to follow. However, it is not expected for the road to Chicago gambling to be smooth. Lightfoot seems to be pressing on with her mission to get Chicago a casino and get revenue from that casino. Find out what stands in the way of the determined Maya and a casino in the city.

Why Chicago May not get a Casino

although they gambling expansion bill of Illinois applies to the windy City as well it is not expected that a casino operator will take the plunge to start operations in Chicago. One thing that seems to be a hindrance is the text structure of the Illinois gambling expansion bill. Lightfoot is adamant that the tax structure is detrimental to a plan that the city has around a projected casino.

Lori Lightfoot

At a recent press conference, she reiterated the need for a casino every day in the city. The mayor has not given up on the Dream of fake a tax revenue cash cow in the form of a casino. Lightfoot is advocating for a government-run casino operation is a way to circumvent the high tax that is destroyed in the usual casino operators. Or independent casino operators. Illinois gambling expansion bill headed by governor J.B Pritzker stipulates a ⅓ tax revenue from a new casino. However, because Chicago has additional taxes it may scare away potential casino operators from the city. Which is why the mayor Lori Lightfoot is suggesting that the government runs the casino operation. We are already speculations about where the casino maybe located. Although Lightfoot is optimistic about getting or determined about getting a casino in the area, she does not want any premature projections about the possible location of the casino. She is concerned that search ill-informed predictions about where the casino will be located will adversely affect such neighborhoods due to price distortions of properties in the neighborhoods because of the likelihood of a casino being located in the area.

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