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Yes, Pai Gow is a good game to play online. Consequently, there are a few reasons that we can give you to prove that Pai Gow is worth playing. Before we convince you even further, lets quickly explain what Pai Gow is.

In short, Pai Gow poker is a card game that uses a 52-card deck including the joker. Essentially you are playing against the dealer. You will make your bet then you will receive seven cards. Further, your cards will be dealt face-up, and the dealers will be face down. The point of the game is that you create two good hands. A five and a two-card hand. Afterwards, the dealers’ cards will be turned over and arranged.  Your hands will be compared, and the best hand will win.

Fortunately, when you play Pai Gow Poker, the strategy is not as hard to understand as a regular poker strategy. Also, playing against the dealer and not other players makes playing a bit easier. Playing using the optimal strategy will help you improve your chances of winning.

Pai Gow a Good Game

5 Reasons Why Pai Gow Is A Good Game

You are probably wondering why you should try playing Pai Gow online. Well, here are the top five reasons why Pai Gow is a good game to play.

  1. It is a relaxed game

Pai Gow is a slow-paced game, giving you time to think through every move. Unlike blackjack, you have some time to go through your strategy and how you would like to play your hands.

  1. The dealer can help you

Yes, that is correct the dealer can help you set your hands the house way. Remember that you are playing against the house. But, the dealer is allowed to assist you to set your hands using the optimal way to play.

  1. Bonuses Equal Big Wins

Pai Gow is one of the casino games where you can use casino bonuses to boost your bankroll. Moreover, Pai Gow tend to be a push game. Again, if you know how to play with bonuses you can maximise your winnings.

  1. The table is relaxed and has great energy

Considering that you will not be playing against the other players, the Pai Gow table tends to have great energy. If you are playing online, you won’t have to deal with any other people at the table. But at live tables, you will be able to have a chat with the other players while you wait for your hand to be compared to the dealers.

  1. You can play without losing – for a while

Pai Gow tends to have a lot of pushed or ties. In turn, this limits the number of times that you will win. However, this does not mean that you will not win. With a strategy, bonuses and dealer help on your side you will be able to win a few games.

Play Pai Gow Online

Considering all these reasons, you increase your possibility of winning at Pai Gow by about 0.15%. Another popular question is whether or not Pai Gow has good odds. Looking at the game’s odds before playing is also an important part.

This lets you know how much you can possibly gain from playing the casino game. So, when you play Pai Gow poker against the player, the house edge is 2.84%. Unfortunately, Pai Gow is not one of the highest paying casino games, but it has pretty okay returns.

You can sign up to try out this game at top online casinos. We have recommended a few top casinos on this site that offer Pai Gow. Also, we have played at all these casinos and can assure you that they are safe to play at.