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Updated on: July 13th, 2021

Is there a way to cheat online casinos? Are there tools that can help you manipulate online casino games? Beyond the tips and tricks that can improve the odds, there are hacks that can be used by the average gambler to cheat at gambling sites.

There are also actual practical tools that players can make use of to improve how they play and how often they win. Several of these tools are apps that you can download into your mobile device to improve the way you play at online casinos.

In addition to outlining some tools that can be of use in online casino gaming, we have also listed the best online casino sites where you can play slots and casino games real-money.

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Is There A Way To Cheat Online Casinos?

There are ways to cheat casinos and there are ways to improve per odds at casinos without cheating. We will look at both the ways to cheat casinos and how to better boost your chances of winning at casinos with use of legitimate tools. These tools include odds calculator strategy, sports betting picks and the like. Such tools improve your predictions, odds and strategy.

Having said that we will outline popular hacks that you can use to win every time at casinos. These tools will assist in gambling games that have dealers and some element of skills. For instance, roulette, blackjack and poker.

How to Cheat Online Casinos

Roulette Computer Prediction Device

A roulette computer device basically calculates and almost accurately predicts in which pocket the ball will land. The device times the velocity of the wheel spin and calculates how long it will take it to slow down until it reaches a stop. You can only make this work accurately if you accurately sync it from when the wheel starts spinning.

Since bets are placed before the wheel spins, to successfully use this device you will have to cheat. It means you have to move your chips to the bet you want on the roulette table while the dealer is distracted.

If you are caught with this device in a casino, you will be promptly thrown out and possibly forfeit whatever winnings you have made. Unfortunately, it is not possible to fully utilize the device when playing online because even if you wanted to cheat and place a bet after the wheel starts spinning you could not.

Poker Odds Calculator

Calculating your poker odds could be the difference between taking home the pot or constantly folding and never winning. There are several poker odds calculator apps online which you can use to your advantage. Calculators can estimate what your odds of getting a card that completes your winning hand are.

Some online gambling sites even have inbuilt poker odds calculators. However, you don’t necessarily need the calculator app because you can simply calculate your own poker odds easily & simply. You get your poker odds by comparing pot odds and poker hand odds or expected value.

Odds can be expressed as ratios which is simply comparing the pot to the bet you need to make, in order to stay in the game. You can do so by adding the two numbers then dividing the bet amount by the total sum you got. The decimal number you get is the pot odds.

The expected value is simply the likelihood of you getting a card that will give you a winning hand. This is easy to calculate if you are using a single or fixed number of decks. If your expected value is higher than the pot odds then you have a greater chance of taking the pot home.

Sports Betting And Stock Market Prediction Apps

If you know anything about trading on the stock market and playing gambling games you know the two are almost one and the same thing. What the stock market and casinos have in common are people making calculated guesses in the hopes of winning money. In both scenarios you’re playing for real money and trying to guess where the money will be or trying to bet on a winning stock or wager. Having an app that predicts and keeps track of previous winning stocks can be a way to map out patterns and see you which companies whose stocks you should be trading in.

Similarly, these apps can be used especially in sports betting. They collect stats and info of a sporting season including individual player stats goals scored goals conceded ball possession and all other possible variables that happen in a game or whatever sports game you’re betting on. With all this information these apps are then able to give you a rough idea of who has better odds and by what margin they will be winning or losing.

Can You Cheat Online Slots?

You cannot use any of the cheat tools we discussed on slot machines. Because all results are arbitrarily made by a random number generator software. In contrast to games like roulette where although it is a game of chance, there is a croupier spinning the wheel.  Therefore, there is possibility and room to manipulate that in your favour. Cheating slots requires you to physically manipulate a slot machine. You can stick some picks in the machine to ensure it keeps spinning long after your bet has run out. Some use electronic magnetic devices. While you can get a big payout there is also a huge risk of facing the law.

 How To Win At Casinos?

So, if you cannot cheat how can you win at casinos. The whole thrill of gambling is not knowing how the game will end. You will win and there will be losses, the sooner you accept that the better you online gambling experience will be. There are strategies and tips you can use on different games to vastly improve your odds and payouts.

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