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Pot Limit is a form of betting structure in some poker games. There are betting limits that where a minimum and maximum bet is set. All players are restricted to betting within that range. Yes, you can raise but only within the set betting range. The maximum bet size of the first bet after the blinds are posted is the big blind. After the first betting round the maximum bet cannot exceed the allowed legal bet and the current size of the pot. We expand more on what the legal bet is, and how to calculate the size of the bet. Additionally, we explain how much you can raise within the pot limit betting structure.

How Much Can You Raise In Pot-Limit?

In Pot Limit poker games, there’s a minimum and maximum bet limit. Omaha Poker is the game played most commonly as a pot limit game. The amount you can raise is the total of any outstanding bets, small blind and the amount in the pot. For the player under the gun in the first round of betting the maximum they can raise to is calculated by adding the small blind to the big blind multiplied by three.

Let’s illustrate with an example

Small blind $2                                                    Big Blind $4

Under the Gun maximum raise = ($4 x 3) + $2

Therefore, the maximum raise for the player under the gun (in the first round of betting) in this case is $14

Any other player who wants to raise after that is also restricted to the legal maximum. This is calculated by multiplying the last bet by three and adding all outstanding bets and what’s in the pot.

($14 x3) + $4 +$2 = $48

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Pot Limit Betting Limits

You cannot overbet in a pot limit game. There are no limits to how many times you can raise but there is a limit on the amount you can bet. The minimum bet in a PL poker game is the big blind unless otherwise stated. The maximum bet in a PL poker game is your call bet amount plus the current pot size including the total of any outstanding bets or raises.

The formula to calculate the maximum allowed bet is as follows:

(3 x Big Blind) + Small Blind + Pot


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