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Scratch offs are definitely one of the effortless lottery games that’s quick and easy to play. With little skill or even strategy necessary to win with scratch-offs, you might be curious about ways to better your chances of winning in the game.

Now, there’s only so much that you can do to better your chances of winning a scratch-off. But, the good news is that there are ways and we’ll uncover them all in this article.  But we can’t neglect to mention that online scratch offs is a game of chance. This means that your fate in the game relies on how lucky you are that day. Remembering this will relieve you of unnecessary stress and disappointment when you do not win.

Tips to Win at Scratch Cards

Our scratch cards experts have put together some of their trusted scratch off tips to winning. All you need to do is use these tips the next time you pay to better your odds of getting a winning ticket.

Don’t Be Cheap

We understand that one of the reasons why scratch cards are so popular is because they are inexpensive. But, it’s not always good for your pocket to continuously choose the low hanging fruit. You might be more tempted to buy the cheaper ones, but they are cheap for a reason. Cheaper scratch off tickets usually have lower prize pools which don’t improve your chances of winning but instead decreases it. More expensive tickets have better prize pools.

Buy in Bulk

Not every scratch ticket is a winning ticket, so to better your chances of winning a scratch-off, you must buy as many as you can. Purchasing single tickets from time to time won’t cut it unless you defeat the odds tremendously and win after only a couple of tries. They also say that manufacturers don’t space out winning tickets too much, so if you buy enough tickets all at once you stand a better chance.

Winning a scratch off

Know When to Stop

There’s a common saying among players which says “quit while you’re a winner”. The same applies to scratch games. If you happen to land a winning scratch card, put the money away and leave the store. Payouts from scratch-offs are not that great and use your winnings to buy more tickets is not a good choice in our opinion. Chances are you’ll only end up losing the money again.

Treat Scratch Cards like You Treat Slot Machines

Some believe that scratch cards and slot machines have one thing in common – Slot machines that haven’t hit in a while are considered “hot” and is expected to hit soon. Experts suggest that you treat slot machines the same but that would mean acting rather strange. Find a store and buy only from that store. You should also monitor wins that come from that store. This way you get to trace a dry spell and play more frequently during that time.

Chances of Winning a Scratch Off

So, the chances of winning a scratch-off are slim, but they exist. It’s also easy to understand why it might be difficult to improve your chances of winning a scratch-off. They are small games targeted at low budget gamblers who in all honesty don’t expect a big return either.

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