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The Nevada Gaming Control Board has ruled it necessary for all players and staff at gaming properties in the state of Nevada to wear facial masks on the property. The ruling comes after several complaints of people not wearing masks despite being told to do so. The board says that the mask is a means of protection, especially at card and table games where there is no partition separating players and dealers. The new rule is effective immediately.

Further Details on Facial Masks Rule

The Nevada Gaming Control Board informed all customers of this recent rule via a post on its official website earlier this week. The wearing of facial masks applies to every visitor to the property, which includes players, staff and people who are there on business or other reasons. The announcement detailed that any person within six meters of a casino game in procession must wear a mask. These recommendations come from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and other health officials. In the statement released by the board, Sandra Douglas Morgan, Chairwoman of the Gaming Control Board, said agents informed the board of the issue, which forced the board to respond in such a manner.

Facial masks mandatory

Nevada Gaming Control Board Expresses Concern

Morgan expressed how players not wearing masks was a concern for her and other board members. She said that wearing facial masks is the least that blackjack, roulette, poker and other casino game players can do. This is especially necessary in the absence of pexiglass or any other form of protection. She further expressed the boards disappointment with the non-compliance and noted how it puts everyone in harms way.

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