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The blackjack game is one of the most popular casino card games. And as with anything that popular there are many variations of it. This means that many players with different tastes can all enjoy a version of blackjack that suits them best. While this is a great innovation in the gambling game it raises a lot of questions and sometimes confusion about how each of these games differs from the next.

Hence, we have answered some questions about the different versions of the blackjack games such as European blackjack American blackjack Spanish 21 pontoon and many more.

Blackjack Games


What is European blackjack?

European blackjack is a version of the blackjack game where the plug gets two cards face down instead of the usual face up. Also, the dealer gets his second card after the player has already made his moves.

What does a jack do in blackjack?

A Jack carries the value of 10 and together with an ace it is an automatic or natural blackjack and an automatic win for the player or dealer.

Is Spanish 21 different from blackjack?

Spanish 21 is a variation of the standard blackjack came with a few rule changes for instance there is no Tie in Spanish 21 if both the player and the dealer have a blackjack the player hand wins. There are more rules that separates this variation from the standard for instance there’s no limit on how many times you can double down on split hands and there is a rescue option for a double down wager.

Do five cards beat 21 in blackjack?

Five cards to not be 21 in blackjack however they do for a winning hand in two versions of the blackjack game that is in pontoon and in Spanish 21.

Why is blackjack called pontoon?

Pontoon is a completely different version of blackjack. In this game you can form a winning hand with three to five cards and there are no number 10 cards.

More about Blackjack

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