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Online Roulette – Basic guidelines to perfecting online roulette play

Roulette is the most glamorous of the land casino games and that is perhaps the reason many players visit it at US online casinos. Roulette is the French for little wheel. Roulette, as we know it today, was being played in Paris casinos in the late 18th century. It has been played in the United States since the 19th century. Roulette games at US online casinos follow the land casino game rules. There has been no innovation in the gaming features as there has been in some other casino games. The focus of the software providers has been to enhance the visual appeal and try to provide a land casino like experience to the extent possible.

In this article we will dwell upon the different variations of online roulette that are on offer and their advantages and disadvantages. We will also highlight some of the more popular bets and their payouts.


Variations of roulette available at online casinos

American Roulette is played with a wheel that has numbers from 1 to 36 along with 0 and 00. Almost all bets will lose if 0 or 00 is called on the spin. This results in an average return of 94.74%. You should never play American Roulette. European Roulette is played with a wheel that has numbers from 1 to 36 along with 0 only. Almost all bets will lose if 0 is called. The average return increases to 97.3%. Both games are identical in all other respects.

At US online casinos there is another variation of roulette known as French Roulette. It follows the European Roulette structure. But half of the even money bets are returned to the player if 0 is called. There are some layout differences as well. Some US online casinos powered by Realtime Gaming offer Multiplayer Roulette on the French wheel. You can bet on the same table alongside other players.

How online roulette is played

You place the bets on the layout on the screen. You can place more than one bet if you want to. After placing the bets you click to spin the wheel. The wheel stops with the ball on one of the numbers. All bets covering that number are paid out as per the rules of online roulette.

The bets that cover the maximum numbers are the even money payout bets. Each bet covers 18 numbers. The bets include red, black, even and odd. The designated location for the chips is outside the main layout and therefore they are referred to as outside bets. The inside bets cover 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 numbers and the chips are placed at least partially on the main layout. The single number bet pays 35 to 1. You can bet on 0 as a single number, and if 0 is called then that is the only bet that can win.

Strategy that can enhance your win potential playing online roulette

There is no way your choices can influence the outcome in online roulette. It is a game based entirely on luck. In European Roulette each and every bet offers the same average return of 97.3% so the win potential for each bet is the same. There are several systems, like the Martingale, that purport to guarantee a win, but they are all hoaxes.

You should choose bets based on your risk taking propensity. Single number bets will pay out 35 to 1 but will not win often. Even money bets will win about half the times but the payout is minuscule. You can take the middle path in one of two ways. Bet on a medium payout bet like six numbers on successive rows. It pays out 5 to 1. Or you can bet one chip on an even money bet and one chip on a single number bet.

Advantages of playing roulette online

  • The average return to player of 97.3% in European Roulette is one of the best for online casino games that do not require any skill.
  • The top payout of 35 to 1 is high enough to attract US online casino players that like volatility.
  • There are a large number of bets in online roulette that provide variety and cater to different types of online casino players.
  • Multiplayer Roulette creates a realistic land casino environment by allowing players to bet together on the same table.
  • The calculations of average returns can be done by players in a simple manner, making it one of the most transparent online casino games.

Disadvantages of playing roulette online

  • There is no skill required in online roulette and the outcome depends only on luck. This keeps away those casino players who like challenging games where their decisions affect the outcomes.
  • If you ignore American Roulette that offers low average returns, there are only two variants of online roulette, which are almost identical. This lack of variety can be a disincentive for many players.
  • The payout ratios are significantly less than those for online slots.
  • There has been almost no gaming innovation in online roulette and new roulette variants are rarely added.