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Online Keno and Bingo – Basic guidelines to perfecting online keno and bingo play

Online keno and bingo games are similar in that they are played on tickets with numbers. The game play however is different in each of these games as will be seen later in this article.

Keno originated from an ancient Chinese game that was used to fund the building of the Great Wall. Many US states operate keno games along with lotteries for the purpose of generating funds for public projects. Keno is played in some land casinos as well. Online keno is very similar to the land based version of the game.

Bingo variants offered at US online casinos are different from the usual land based bingo or the games played at online bingo sites. There players compete against each other to finish marking the bingo tickets. At online casinos you play alone against the house as in other games.

Variations of keno and bingo available at online casinos

Realtime Gaming powered US online casinos offer a single version of keno. Within the game you have the option of marking different number of spots on the ticket and this creates some variation. Some US online casinos powered by other software providers offer three or four keno variants. The essential game play remains the same. The visual appearance is made different and some of the games allow for multiple tickets in sequence. Some online keno games work with 40 numbers on the ticket as opposed to the traditional 80 numbers.

You will find bingo variants at Realtime Gaming powered online casinos and at online casinos of the Bovada group. Realtime Gaming offers the standard online casino versions of this game. If you are a bingo fan then the Bovada Casino group is the place to play with four different games that include 30 Ball Bingo, 80 Ball Bingo, American Bingo and European Bingo.

How online keno and bingo are played

The standard online keno game is played with 80 numbers ticket. You can usually mark up to 15 spots on the ticket. You face a payout table depending on the number of spots you have marked. Then twenty numbers are drawn at random. The software determines how many of these numbers match with the numbers marked. The number of correct hits on the relevant payout table determines your payout.

You select the online bingo game that you want and purchase a card by paying the bet amount. You then select the number of balls you want to draw. Based on this you will be given a payout table indicating many different patterns on the card and the payout multiplier for each pattern. Then the set number of balls will be randomly drawn and the number marked on the card if present. If you manage to complete a pattern then you will be paid according to the payout table.

Strategy that can enhance your win potential playing online keno and bingo

None of the decisions you make while playing online keno or bingo will affect the outcomes. The outcomes are totally random and these casino games are totally based on luck and no skill. But the choices do determine the level of risk that you take.

For example in online bingo if you opt for fewer balls drawn then you have a lower probability of completing a pattern but will get higher payouts if you do. So if you are willing to take risks for potentially larger wins then you should take this route. Conservative players should opt for the maximum number of balls drawn.

In online keno risk taking players should go for payout tables that offer very low payout for few hits and very large payouts for maximum hits. Conservative players should opt for payout tables with a narrower range of payouts.

Advantages of playing keno and bingo online

  • Online keno payout tables offer larger top payouts than most other online casino games including online slot games.
  • Online keno and bingo games do not require any skill, therefore are ideally suited to players who are just willing to test their luck without getting involved with gaming strategy.
  • Particularly online bingo gives you simple options for managing volatility and allowing you to play the same games at risk levels that you are comfortable with.
  • At most US online casinos you will be able to purchase multiple tickets at one go and play a large number of games without any manual intervention.

Disadvantages of playing keno and bingo online

  • Because of the variation in the payout ratios of games from different software providers it is difficult to state the average returns, but these will be significantly lower than other online casino games.
  • If you are the type of player that needs at least some effective control over the game through strategy based decision making then online keno and bingo are not for you.
  • Online keno has almost no variants, except visually different ways of drawing balls, and there have been no innovations in the game play and this keeps those players away that like something new.