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Online Craps – Basic guidelines to perfecting online craps play

Craps owes its origins to a dice game called hazard played during the crusades. A modern form of the game was brought to the casinos of New Orleans by a French gambler, where the rules were polished resulting in the game we know today. The name craps is a corruption of the French word craupad meaning toad. It refers to the toad-like crouching posture taken by players who used to roll the craps dice on the streets.

At land casinos craps is perhaps the most boisterous game. Players actually participate by rolling the dice in turns. The others urge them on to throw the number they need. Online casino is obviously a much quieter affair. The screen displays half the craps table, because in the actual table the two sides are mirror images. You usually have animation of the dice rolling across the table and some dealer voices to create a bit of the land casino magic.


Variations of craps available at online casinos

Almost all US online casinos have only one game in craps. Realtime Gaming powered casinos list Craps under Specialty Games. However, they offer another dice based casino game called Sic Bo. It is of Chinese origin and is played with three dice. Sic Bo is considerably simpler than Craps and if you like dice based online casino games then you could try Sic Bo as well.

Craps has a variety of bets that you can choose from. Single roll bets are those that are decided one way or the other on the immediate outcome. There are also multi-roll bets. These bets can be carried forward over a number of rolls. Then there are right bets and wrong bets. Right bets win if a specified event takes place. Wrong bets win if the complementary event takes place. Most bets in online craps are based on the total of the two numbers shown on the face of the dice. Some bets are based on the combination of the numbers.

How online craps is played

You place the bets on the designated locations on the craps layout on the screen. Then the dice are rolled for the first time in the session. This is called a come out roll. Based on the outcome of the come out roll, the single roll bets are settled. The total of the come out roll is established as a point. The dice are rolled again and again till the multi-roll bets are settled. The multi roll bets for that session will get settled when either the point is rolled or a seven is rolled. However, after the first come out roll you can place fresh bets, both single roll and multi-roll, even before the earlier multi-roll bets are settled. That way several sessions can run concurrently, each having its own point. When a seven is rolled all existing sessions will close.

Strategy that can enhance your win potential playing online craps

There is no way that you can influence the outcome of the dice rolled in online craps. It is a game based only on luck with no skill. However, the different bets in online craps offer different average returns. So you can increase your win potential by selecting those bets that have high average returns and avoiding those bets that have low average returns.

The best bet is Pass Line and it is one bet that you must be in your arsenal. The bet has to be placed before a come out roll. The bet immediately wins if the roll is 7 or 11 and loses if the roll is 2, 3 or 12. If any other number is rolled then that number is established as a point. Then the pass line bet will win if the point is rolled again before a 7. The bet pays even money and has an average return of 98.6%.

Advantages of playing craps online

  • The biggest advantage of online craps is that there are some bets like Pass Line and Come that offer high average returns without the requirement of skilled decision making.
  • The average returns to players for most bets can be calculated using simple mathematics and therefore it is easy to decide which bets to avoid and which bets to play.
  • Even though there is no skill required, the structure of the multi-roll bets poses a challenge to players who are interested in more than simple rolls of the dice deciding the outcomes of the bets.

Disadvantages of playing craps online

  • The bets that offer high average returns have low payout ratios and the bets that offer higher payout ratios have abysmally low average returns so you are trapped at both ends.
  • There is only one variant of online craps and there has been no innovation in this since the time online casinos came into being. Players who look for something new all the time will avoid online craps.
  • The multi-roll bets are complex in structure and many players do not feel that it is worth the effort to understand them, particularly as they offer low payouts.