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What Does BAR Mean on Slot Machines?

BAR Slots

When you think about a traditional slot machine and the symbols it displays you might visualize various fruit like cherries, watermelon, peaches, grapes, and bananas. But you may also visualize gold blocks, and the infamous BAR symbol. The use of fruit symbols on a fruit slot machine isn’t very surprising, but it’s the BAR symbol […]

What Color Comes Up More in Roulette?

roulette colored bets

Most people believe that the color red appears most frequently on a roulette wheel. In other words, the ball lands in a red-colored pocket more than it does on the black or green-colored pockets. However, there is no definite way to confirm if this belief is true. You must remember that roulette is a casino […]

Is It Illegal to Play Poker in Your House?

Play Poker in Your House

Playing online poker with friends in the comfort of your home is a great social evening activity. So, to answer the question directly, no. Playing poker in your house is by no means illegal. However, considering the law of the state you’re in, it’s very easy to cross the line between what’s accepted, and what’s […]

Make a Living Playing Craps

Make a living playing craps

If you are looking for information on how to make a living while playing craps then you’ve come to the right place. Craps is certainly one of the more complex casino games to learn. So, it’s expected that trying to make a living playing craps can be challenging but it is not impossible. If you […]

Can poker be a career?

Poker Career

If you are trying to build a poker career then you have come to the right place. Poker is one of the most lucrative casino games out there, which makes sense why it’s such a popular choice for many. And, if you are retired or looking to turn your passion for casino games into something […]

Facebook Announces Poker Playing AI Model, ReBel

Facebook x ReBel

Researchers from the popular social networking platform, Facebook, claim that they’ve developed an algorithm which they believe can learn to play online poker better than human beings. The new AI model, ReBel, is currently in the development process and at the end will be able to perform action beyond competitive online gaming. Researchers from Facebook […]

Can You Make Sports Bets Online?

Sports bets online

Yes, you certainly can! The United States celebrates 2 years of legal sports bets online. In May 2018, the Supreme Court overruled the PASPA law which prohibited betting on a single sports game or event. Each state that has sportsbooks can set their own rules and ways of governance when it comes to sports betting. […]

2020 SBC Digital Summit Coming Soon

SBC Digital Summit

The 2020 SBC Digital Summit is scheduled to take place between July 14-16. The summit will be a virtual conference this year and is aimed at discussing new and exciting happenings in the gaming industry. The conference will feature several speakers from respective industries in the gaming world that includes gambling experts, journalists, legal advisors […]

Tulalip Tribes Announce New Casino

Tulalip Tribes

Tulalip Tribes have announced the opening of a new casino. The new casino scheduled to open in 2021 will replace Quil Ceda Creek Casino. Plans to build a brand-new casino were first announced in 2017, but construction was put on a halt in 2018 due to some challenges. Last week, Tulalip Tribes released images and […]

Facial Masks Now Mandatory at Nevada Casinos

Facial masks mandatory

The Nevada Gaming Control Board has ruled it necessary for all players and staff at gaming properties in the state of Nevada to wear facial masks on the property. The ruling comes after several complaints of people not wearing masks despite being told to do so. The board says that the mask is a means […]

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