Arkansas Man Nabbed for Stealing Casino Chips Worth $17,000

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An Arkansas man has landed in the cold harsh hands of the law after trying to make off with $17,000 of casino chips. He probably watched Ocean’s 11 one too many times. The Oakland Racing Casino Resort patron could not resist the temptation of making off with thousands for free. The casino resort which is currently under renovation probably game him the impression he would have ample distraction to make a run for it. Derrick Patrick Belton Jr will now have to answer to the law. Too bad for him you can’t poker face your way around the law, or can you? Find out how the daring one-man theft went down.

How to (Almost) Get Away with $17,000 in Casino Chips

It all started off at a Blackjack table at the Oakland Racing Casino Resort. Our star of the show Derrick Patrick Belton Jr., slyly swiped purple chips worth $500 each which were next to the dealer. After taking his stash of $17,000 he spirited away and out of the casino but it was a very short-lived escape. He was caught within a week of his grand theft.

Arkansas Man Nabbed for Stealing Casino Chips

What may have assisted in him being able to get away san’s scrutiny is the fact that Belton Jr. was a regular at the casino. Casinos and their regular patrons have an unspoken good faith which allows them less scrutiny at the casinos. Belton Jr, even had a casino member card, which we assume he won’t be holding on to for long. His brazen theft was also caught on camera. After examining footage from the casino security camera’s, he was clearly seen taking the chips off the table and leaving the casino. This made it one of the quickest investigations in casino theft history. Mr Belton Jr. obviously didn’t have the best strategy for his daring escapade. His complete lack of calculation leads us to believe he wasn’t doing so well at the blackjack tables which may have led to him stealing the casino chips. This should serve as a warning top all casino players, no matter how great the temptation, do not steal casino chips, you will likely get caught.

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