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Monthly archive: May 2021

California Tribes Hinge Hopes of Sports Betting on Governor Recall

California Tribes May Get Expanded Casinos if Governor Newsom Is Recalled

California lawmakers may rescind on their somewhat prohibitive gambling laws and we may see sports betting legalized in the state. As it stands California has tribal casinos, card rooms and the state lottery. In 2020 several of the state’s tribes had rallied together to push for the expansion of gambling to encompass sports betting and […]

Las Vegas Sands Pushes for Casino and Sports Betting in Texas

Las Vegas Pushes for Casinos in Texas

Las Vegas Sands has been pushing to get sports abetting and all-encompassing casino gaming in Texas. For years Texans have had to take drives to OK and Louisiana for some good old gambling. On the 14 of April 2021, the Texas House State Affairs Committee listened to testimony from proponents of the legalization of sports […]

How Does Mybookie Payout?

How Does Mybookie Payout

How does MyBookie payout? MyBookie payouts vary according to the banking method you use. Most players trust other player reviews where casino or sportsbook payouts are concerned. MyBookie payout reviews on popular platforms such as rigid seem to be all on the good side. In our review of how My Bookie pays out we will […]

Is It Better to Buy More Expensive Scratch Tickets?

is it better to buy more expensive scratch cards

Scratch cards offer you the chance to win money instantly. As the name implies, all you need to do is scratch off a material to reveal a potential prize hidden beneath the surface. Not only is it exciting, but there really is no easier way to win cash prizes. Although some people try to convince […]

How Much Money Can You Cash Out at A Casino?

How Much Can You Cash Out at a Casino

Are you curious about how much money you can cash out at a casino? Well, you probably have not won significant amounts of money at the casino if you are asking that question. You can change that with the right online casino gaming tips and tricks. However, we are not currently here to discuss how […]

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