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Monthly archive: February 2021

New Slot Promotion – Mardi Gras Slot Game

RTG Mardi Gras Magic Slot Promotion

A new slot game from Real-time Gaming just dropped at all the best online casinos. Mardi Gras Magic takes you on a Mardi Gras adventure with opportunities for big wins. The slot is as magical as they come with bursting wilds bonus games and random jackpot prizes throughout the game you definitely want to play […]

What’s the Best Way to Win the Lottery?

best way to win the lottery

Lottery games are probably the most random gambling games out there. There are almost no strategies you can use to increase your odds of winning. Your odds in most games also stand around 1 in 8 million, so playing the game is like a Hail Mary from the get-go. Yet, there are stories of players […]

How to Make Money in Sports Betting?

Make Money Sports Betting

If you are here, you are looking for a definite easy way to make money sports betting. Whether you are a sports fan or not, we can help you. But first, you need to understand that there is no definite way to make sure that you will win each time when gambling. Secondly, many sports […]

Is Sports Betting Legal in California?

Make Money Sports Betting

Legalized sports gambling in California is still a couple of years away. But to those in the betting community, the Golden State looks like a potential golden goose. Such is the power of California’s possible betting market. A website that analyzes legalized betting in the state, estimated could annually generate over $30 billion in bets. […]

Are Online Casino Games Rigged?

Are Online Casino Games Rigged?

Any rigged games will only be offered by blacklisted and rogue websites that have pirated their library. Pirated games favor the house, have compromised random number generators, and lower than usual returns on bets. It’s rare for casino games to be rigged online because of independent testing that all legitimate sites are subject to. These […]

Can You Play Powerball Lottery Online?

Play Powerball Lottery Online

Yes, you can play the Powerball lottery online. Various casino sites offer the lottery to players who don’t want to leave their home. Plus, playing online is way easier than going to a retailer to buy lottery tickets. Read this guide to find out how you can play the Powerball lottery at the best lottery […]

What Does the Joker Mean in Pai Gow Poker?

pai gow poker joker

The joker card in pai gow can be used in three different ways. It can be used to complete a straight. Or it can be used to complete a flush. It will act as an ace in a two-card hand. All this means that the joker will replace another exact card. However, there are two […]

How Often Do You Get a Royal Flush in Video Poker?

royal flush in poker

A lot of players have never seen a high-ranking hand in a video poker game before. If you are one such player, it is natural to wonder how often hands like a Royal Flush come up in games. Is a Royal Flush in a game of video poker a dream worth waiting for? Or is […]

Do Professional Blackjack Players Count Cards?

do professional blackjack players count cards

Professional blackjack players count cards. This is really something that should go without saying. Card counting is the best blackjack strategy out there because it gives you the chance to reduce the casino house edge to less than zero. So few casino strategies minimize the house edge at all, let alone to less than 0. […]

Slots of Vegas 2021 Valentine’s Day Slots Bonuses

Slots of Vegas Valentine’s Promotions

As Valentine’s Day approaches, casinos are offering promotions to make sure you have at least something good going on. Slots of Vegas has outdone itself and laid out several promo options for various slot games. All promotions are running from now to the end of February. This could be the best valentine’s gift to yourself […]

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