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Monthly archive: November 2020

New Jersey Casinos Break Revenue Record in The Middle of a Pandemic

New Jersey Gambling Revenue

2020 has been a year with so many ups and downs however for sports betting and online casinos in New Jersey it has been rather fruitful. In a year where most businesses have been struggling with dropping revenue new jersey once again so passive and breaks the record for the most revenue growth in from […]

Different Blackjack Games, Rules and Trivia

Blackjack Games

The blackjack game is one of the most popular casino card games. And as with anything that popular there are many variations of it. This means that many players with different tastes can all enjoy a version of blackjack that suits them best. While this is a great innovation in the gambling game it raises […]

Nebraska Votes in Expanded Gambling in the State

Nebraska Botes in Favor of Casino Gambling

The US Election 2020 results had good news for all Nebraska gamblers. The Corn Husker State is finally going to get casino-style gambling at its horse racing tracks. It’s been a long road since the beginning of the year when senator Justin Wayne filed a bill that would soon lead to the recent vote. Initially […]

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