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Monthly archive: May 2020

Las Vegas Casinos Prepare to Reopen

Las Vegas Casinos Prepare to Re Open

Las Vegas reopens, the gambling industry is looking to start mass testing for the Coronavirus on the employees who will resume work. The casinos have yet to open, but are already starting to put measures in place to start tests. The results are expected to be ready within 48 hours of testing. That should speed […]

Michigan Online Gambling is On the Horizon

Legal Michigan Online Gambling is On the Horizon

Michigan online gambling is on the horizon. in a press release on Friday the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) announced that it would be accepting licence applications from possible online casino operators. We can only speculate and assume that this move has been brought on by the global shutdown that followed the emergence of the […]

Can You Do the Lottery Online?

You can do the lottery online in about 7 states in the USA. Granted, the number is small now however, they are more states that have lotteries online. Although these other States to have online presence for the state lottery not all of them are loud residents to buy lottery tickets online. Buying lottery tickets […]

Rhode Island Lottery Is Now Online!

Rhode Island Online Lottery

Rhode Island has just online lottery games to its gambling portfolio. We are strongly inclined to believe that it has a lot to do with the Coronavirus pandemic. A lot of people are just not going out as much specially to get non-essential goods such tickets for the lotto. Due to this, the state has […]

Top 4 Slots for Star Wars Fans

May the 4th Slots

May the 4th is not an official holiday but it grips Star Wars all over the world yearly. We thought it would be fun to select some Star Wars inspired space adventure slot games for our readers. We have found the top slot machines that pay real money worthy to mark this day.  You can […]

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