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Monthly archive: January 2020

Tennessee Online Sports Betting is Looming on the Horizon

Tennessee Weighs in on Online Sports Betting

The state of Tennessee could be home to brand new Sports Betting locations in March. We have had a couple of stories detailing the wave of Sports Betting that seems to be taking over the United States. Since Tennessee took the possibility of legal Sports Betting to a vote last year in November, it seems […]

Nebraska State to Legalize Sports Betting with New Bill

Nebraska Seeks to Legalize Sports Betting

The sports-betting wave seems to have caught on to Nebraska as well. A new bill that has been filed by Justin Wayne Nebraska state senator seeks to expand the scope of the gambling laws in the state. This bill, if passed into law, will potentially legalize sports betting, fantasy sports betting, and poker. If this […]

Indiana Sports Betting Revenue Figures Show Growth

Indiana Sports Betting Revenue Growth

The wave of sports gambling that has hit the United States took root in Indiana almost 5 months ago. we check back with the state to see how well the sports gambling operators are doing in that state. Judging from the figures recently released feeling the period spanning from the 1st of September to the […]

South Dakota Lawmakers Make Second Attempt to Legalize Sports Betting

South Dakota tries to Legalize Sports Betting

South Dakota lawmakers are trying again to legalize Sports betting in the state. In 2019 they had a bittersweet run with a potential bill to legalize Sports betting. The Senate Affairs committee was very welcoming and it successfully passed there; only to flop when it went for a vote at the South Dakota House State […]

Oklahoma Tribal Casinos at Odds with Governor Stitt

Oklahoma Casinos

In an interesting turn of events, the Oklahoma Native American tribes are in a tug-of-war with the state over the gambling compact that essentially expired end of 2019. The three tribal casino operators insist that these compacts automatically roll over and renew for another 15 years. However, the governor Kevin Stitt once a formal signing […]

Maryland Sports Betting May Soon Be Legalized

Maryland Sports Betting Bill

Maryland sports betting could soon be a reality. Maryland is the latest state in the USA to join the legal sports betting crusade. Just as 2019 ended senator Chris west filed a senate bill (SB 58), which is to be debated, and if all goes well, will go to a vote this year. The state […]

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