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The 2020 SBC Digital Summit is scheduled to take place between July 14-16. The summit will be a virtual conference this year and is aimed at discussing new and exciting happenings in the gaming industry.

The conference will feature several speakers from respective industries in the gaming world that includes gambling experts, journalists, legal advisors and executives. Each speaker will be assigned a topic to discuss and will share their own insights and experiences.

Some topics on the agenda include sports betting, esports betting, the impact of COVID-19 on the industry and tribal gaming. Some speakers you can expect include Sara Slane, former SVP of the AGA; Roxy Roxborough, a Las Vegas oddsmaker and Adam Greenblatt, current CEO of Roar Digital.

SBC Digital Summit

2020 SBC Digital Summit Agenda

A more detailed agenda with the extended list of speakers and topics up for discussion can be found on the official SBC Events website. The full agenda, and a product brochure, is available for download. You can also view an informative video about how the event will work directly on the website.

Those who would like a sneak peek of the networking lounge, the auditorium, or even the products on display over the three-day period can visit the site. There they’ll navigate themselves to the feature they would like more information about.

More Details About the Conference

The conference will host 75 guest speakers, 30 exhibitors and about 3000 attendees. The 2020 SBC Digital Summit will take on a different format this year. But, attendees will still be able to interact with one another and the panel of speakers. There will be an interactive lobby, a networking lounge, an auditorium as well as a dedicated area where people can showcase their products.

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